Radical Dreams

♡ ☮ Cayla. INFP personality. But don't let that fool you, I'm not shy. Ashley Torres is my beautiful girlfriend. A lesbian born in the mountains, raised with southern hospitality, and currently an eastern coast girl. I've got the submissiveness of a kitten but the flaming heart of a tiger. Social norms and routines are the death of me. Living with anxiety, or more specifically, Panic Disorder. Splash in some sensitivity, and add a dash of optimism. Totally not perfect. I follow the beliefs of Buddhism. My confidence is growing every day. Future communications/journalism student. I write. A lot. I laugh at my own jokes, and most of them aren't even funny. I have a strong relationship with tea. Totally not perfect. But what fun would that be anyway? My mind is pretty much full of philosophical thoughts and ideas. Learning to improve my argument, instead of raising my voice. Don't let small things ruin the beautiful things in your life. A învăța să vorbească românește, y entiendo una buena cantidad de españoles. A hui hou kakou! Do you dare to be remarkable? ♡ ☮

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Because idk I wasn’t wearing makeup and still felt pretty?? also for the anon ❤

  1. blisteredsoul said: you are honestly so beautiful love. ❤️
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