Radical Dreams

♡ ☮ Cayla/Cay. ENFP. Photographer. Writer. Ashley Torres. Rather expressive and residing in Florida. Headed for the northeast. My head is in the clouds, yet my body is glued to the ground. I thrive without labels and social norms. I am optimisim with a few dashes of sensitivity served on a silver platter. Totally not perfect, but what fun would that be anyway? Everyone is writing their own story, so don't judge books by their cover. One day I will travel the world and soak in all of the Earth's secrets and wisdom. I have an intense relationship with tea. I fear bizarre things in the world. I consider myself to be a princess. I adore talking to random people. A învăța să vorbească românește, y entiendo una buena cantidad de españoles. A hui hou kakou! Do you dare to be remarkable? ♡ ☮

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Because idk I wasn’t wearing makeup and still felt pretty?? also for the anon ❤

  1. blisteredsoul said: you are honestly so beautiful love. ❤️
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