Radical Dreams

♡ ☮ Cayla/Cay. ENFP. A rather short and very expressive lesbian residing in Florida. Ashley Torres is all of the stars in my midnight sky. My head is down to earth but somehow still in the clouds. My head full of philosophical rambles. Diagnosed Panic Disorder. I laugh at my own jokes, and most of them aren't even funny. I am optimism served on a silver platter with a few dashes of sensitivity on top. I have an intense relationship with tea and my keyboard. I like to write. A lot. I adore meeting new people and learning all about them. Totally not perfect, but what fun would that be? Non-judgmental. Forgiving to the point that anger looks ridiculous on me. Dream large, aim higher. Life didn't come with instructions so follow what you feel. A învăța să vorbească românește, y entiendo una buena cantidad de españoles. A hui hou kakou! Do you dare to be remarkable? ♡ ☮

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Because idk I wasn’t wearing makeup and still felt pretty?? also for the anon ❤

  1. blisteredsoul said: you are honestly so beautiful love. ❤️
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